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Audio Recording

When it comes to audio most production companies and content creators treat it as an afterthought. 

At Real Media we believe that great audio can make a difference between good and great content.  Your story depends on it.  Whether it’s clear messaging, impactful music and sound effects or scoring that drives emotion, we have all the tools and talent you need to ensure your message hits.


recording Studio

Our state of the art studio was built by Steven Durr, the principal designer of Steven Durr Designs, LLC in Nashville.  The studio is the perfect environment to create pristine audio for film, broadcast, radio, web, social media and more.  

The results speak for themselves, but don’t take our word for it.  Take a listen to our work.  Great audio drives emotion and emotion drives action and message retention.

Equipment and setup

Recording Studio Equipment List

  • ProTools Ultimate 

  • Avid C24 Control Surface Mixing Console 

  • (2) MOTU 8M / 8 Channel Audio Interface 

  • Yamaha Hs8 Studio Monitors with 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing capabilities 

  • Automated Dialogue Replacement – ADR mixing  

  • Film and Video Sync 

  • Isolated Tracking Rooms 

  • Various Microphones selected for pristine voice over recordings 

  • Dedicated Podcast Studio equipped with a RODEcaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Console and four individual Rode Dynamic Podcasting Microphones 

    On Location Equipment List

    • Sennheiser MKH 416 High-Resolution Shotgun Microphones 

    • Sennheiser Wireless lavalier microphones 

    • RODE Wireless lavalier microphones 

    • BEACHTEK DXA-RED Compact Low Noise Preamplifier 

    • Sound Devices MixPre-6 II 6-Channel / 8-Track Multitrack 32-Bit Field Recorder 

    • Zoom H6 / 6 Track Portable Field Recorder 

    • QSC TouchMix-8 / 14-Channel Digital Mixer 

    • Tentacle Sync / Sync E Mk2 Timecode Generator with Bluetooth 


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