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You need a team that understands your audience, message, and call to action. Check. You also need a team with the tools, talent,  and experience. Check.  

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What We do


Video Production

Tools, talent and experience.  That’s the secret to creating video content that truly drives results.  Everyone says it.  We do it.  Dive in and find out more about our team, facility, equipment and experice.

Content Strategy

You hear about the importance of content strategy all the time.  But do you really understand what it takes to communicate effectively with your audience in a compelling manner?   Does your content drive results?


We Work With clients all over the U.S. and beyond



REal media studios



Recording Studio

Great audio is as important as great imagery when it comes to the perception of quality.   That’s why we put an emphasis on audio for every project.  If you want to make an impression great audio is a MUST!

Sound Stage and sets

Creating content efficiently requires significant resources.  Our sound stage and sets are another tool that allows us to offer a multitude of options for creating spectacular content quickly and efficiently. 

Real Media team

over 75 years of

combined international



About Us

A Full Service content Agency

Content that roars.  Your brand needs a content partner that

understands the intricacies of how to produce results.   How do

we do that?

  • Tools
  • Talent
  • Experience

Dig in and find out how we rate in all three areas.


Our Latest Reel

Real media demo Reel

Just a quick sampling of some of the projects we’ve worked on.   We hope you like them.  This is just a small sample of our work on video production in Kansas City.  Go to the portfolio page to see case studies and more examples. 

RED cameras and zeiss Primes

Red Digital Cinema can largely be credited for inventing digital cinema. Red cameras started a revolution in the film and video world when they were introduced in 2007.  In today’s production industry, films, documentaries, and Television show are being shot on REDs.  At Real Media, we have two RED packages with 8K and 6K sensors and a full complement of Zeiss Primes.  The image quality of the Zeiss Primes coupled with the RED sensors is an unbeatable combination high-end film production.  We can handle any  project in-house.


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