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In this video Brad Burrow talks about the evolution in the use of Drone footage and how capturing aerials was much more complicated in the past. Find out more about Real Media at


The video above talks about the evolution of drones and how they have changed the landscape for video production and cinema.   Here are some great reasons to consider hiring a production company that has Drone capability.

    • Drones are much cheaper and easier to deploy than manned


    • Drones can fly in areas that are difficult or nearly impossible to

      access with normal aircraft

    • Drones can provide very unique perspectives never before

      available that significantly enhance storytelling.

    • New technology has provided incredible features like collision

      avoidance, follow-me, waypoints, and more.  The possibilities are


Drones have brought a new level of creativity to film production, but the key capturing great footage is understanding movement and composition.  With this tool we can create incredible results.


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