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Schlage Locks

Consumer Training Content

Schlage Locks came to Real Media with the task of creating training videos for their consumer products sold in big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and other large retailers.   


Schlage Locks – Division of Allegion – came to Real Media with the task of creating video training tutorials for retail consumers.  As a production company in Kansas City we are uniquely qualified to help brands like Schlage succeed.  The challenge was to create these tutorials in a manner that an individual with an 8th grade education could easily understand and apply.


Our team worked closely with the Allegion team to develop all of the elements needed to not only create rich content to enhance learning and retention, but also to build the Schlage brand.  We did this by creating door sets for installation shoots, animations and graphics of key features, 4K footage, paid actors, original music and intricate editing.

The result are videos that effectively walk consumers through the installation of Schalge Locks.  These videos have reduced support calls and further enhanced the Schlage brand and image by effectively building consumer confidence and loyalty to Schlage.

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