22 Mar

Transcript. Brad Burrow:                Hello, thanks for joining us on the In A World with Real Media Podcast. I’m here with Jeff Dreiling and Eric Kelting of Complete Legal. They’ve been in the legal industry since the early 2000s and they launched Complete Legal in 2014 with the mission […]

13 Jul

Trevor Flanagan and Scott Hansen from Professional Chats talk about the challenges of a tech startup that takes off in a big way.  Their challenge is more about managing growth in both infrastructure and staffing.  They have quickly become a company with a large number of employees which is in itself is a big challenge. […]

25 Jun

Hi this is Brad Burrow with Real Media and I’m here with John Adams from Arty McGoo and John and I have been friends for a long, long time, really through the sports industry and Liz too, I remember Liz coming, I think the first time I met Liz was in Arizona maybe. JA: In Phoenix […]