Phiten Project


Real Media contracted with Phiten to create a series of HD videos for their upcoming marketing campaign called “Experience the Energy”. Phiten is a Japanese company that manufactures titanium products that help stabilize the body’s natural systems and functions. The Phiten line of products is quickly gaining popularity among professional athletes. Clay Bucholz, a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, never takes off his Phiten titanium necklace!

The campaign features professional baseball playersusing Phiten products to give them supernatural baseball abilities.


The first videos that Real Media produced were TV spots featuring Joba Chamberlain and Josh Beckett, and were written by Don Schmidt and directed by Brad Burrow, Real Media’s Chief Creative.

Real Media decided that Pittsburgh provided the best opportunity to shoot Joba Chamberlain before the MLB All-Star break, so the Real Media crew travelled there to film the spot. Director of Photography Ken Brown found an incredible location about 2 miles from the Pirates Stadium to shoot the video.

The commercial features Joba throwing balls against a brick wall with a batter drawn in chalk. After a couple of tosses, he throws a pitch that breaks through the wall and surprises some children on the other side.

Real Media had two and a half hours to shoot all of Joba’s shots, so the crew had to work quickly. Later that day, Real Media filmed some kids on the inside of an old firehouse reacting to the ball as it broke through the brick wall.

This spot ran on the YES network during the All-Star break in New York.

For the second spot, with Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox, the Real Media team spent 3 days in Fort Myers, Florida, shooting on a green screen with HMI lighting. The video showed Josh Beckett pitching in a dark stadium and breaking the radar gun with his fiery fastball.

The televisions spots aired in local markets and the image spots were created to promote the Phiten brand stimulate brand awareness.

The last video was a tradeshow video that aired at the MLB Fanfest in New York. The video features animations of the Phiten technology, testimonials, features and benefits, as well as the TV spots that Real Media previously produced.

This challenging and rewarding project required 3D animations, motion graphics and compositing.