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Initial Weight: 198.2pounds
Courrent Weight: 198pounds
Goal: 150pounds
Initial Weight: 197pounds
Courrent Weight: 195pounds
Goal: 179pounds
Initial Weight: 216pounds
Courrent Weight: 210pounds
Goal: 185pounds
Initial Weight: 209pounds
Courrent Weight: 209pounds
Goal: 190pounds
Initial Weight: 187pounds
Courrent Weight: 186pounds
Goal: 170pounds

Everybody needs to pay $10 to Kate


1. 5 dollars for the FIRST pound you gain (not week to week), $10 for the 2nd pound, $15 for the 3rd and so on….
That’s regardless of how long it takes to gain those pounds (your not off the hook when a new week starts).
2. If you don’t loose at least 1 pound each week – you pay $1 that week.
3. If you loose 8 pounds (last weigh in) you get $5 back.