05 May

 International Makeup Artist Staci Broski has a professionalism and commitment to her art that singles her out as one of the most sought after makeup artist in the fashion industry. Consistently her team is an essential asset to creative fashion teams both on the national and international stage. For over 20 years she has […]

26 Jan

 Ray Ruecker is the Founder and Managing Director of Connect 5000, a lead generation, prospecting training, and sales consulting company specializing in inside sales. He speaks, consults, and coaches on new business development and inside sales strategies. Born in Saigon, Vietnam, raised in rural Kansas, and now lives in the Kansas City Metro with […]

26 Jan

 Mike specializes in sales performance and management coaching, team acceleration and effectiveness, strengths-focused development, and helping leaders grow and promote collaborative, healthy, engaging work environments and Energy Intelligence. We define Energy Intelligence as the acute awareness of your greatest energizing activities where you can sustain your best performance. Conceptually and theoretically speaking Energy Intelligence […]

06 Aug

Lisa joined CommunityAmerica in 1995 and during her tenure has overseen nearly every function of the Credit Union. In her first five years as CEO, she has advanced the organization to more than $2.9 billion in assets and launched a series of new business divisions and strategies helping members achieve true financial peace-of-mind in their […]

22 Jan

  From the Beyond Wealth website – I once read that to find the work you were meant to do, you must satisfy three things: doing something you’re good at, feeling appreciated, and believing your work is making people’s lives better. I can truly say that as a financial planner and co-founder of Beyond Wealth, […]

10 Dec

                    A Clean Slate is a privately-owned, MBE/DBE, full service commercial and construction cleaning company based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Established by Carol L. Taylor in September 2003, A Clean Slate operates with an experienced management team with Ms. Taylor as CEO, using both union […]

20 Nov

Pam Berneking, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, oversees daily operations of the credit union as well as all aspects of CommunityAmerica’s commercial banking division. Pam is a banking veteran, with more than 35 years of progressive regulatory, commercial banking and leadership experience. As Chief Operating Officer, Pam provides leadership for teams that support […]

13 Nov

Chad Peterson is an entrepreneur like you that has been through the self-employment trenches. Chad was not born with a silver spoon – he had humble beginnings.  Like all of us, he had plenty of reasons to fail, but he chose the same path you did: to succeed. Through innate tenacity, determination and grit, he […]

11 Nov

  As a finance and strategy executive, Michael brings a very diverse set of skills to drive an organization forward. He’s excelled in developing and leading many strategic plans to include raising capital, IPOs, and M&A from both the buy and sell-side. His Corporate Finance experience includes raising over $100 million through an IPO and […]